About the NGO Training Centre

The NGO Training Centre is a highly professional & comprehensive training institute based in Queensland, Australia. The NGO training Centre supports organisations within the following sectors; Disability, Aged Care, Family, Youth and Children. At the NGO Training Centre, all training is offered online, providing a modern twist to training.

The NGO Training Center Offers Your Organisation

Training Options

Offers competency training for all levels of employees.


Inclusive of:

  • E-learn courses
  • Instructions videos
  • Tools, templates and checklists
  • Subject matter expert podcasts
  • Industry expert webinars


  • Best-in-class training content
  • Captivating and inspiring story telling
  • Intuitive website interface
  • Training which translates to tangible business & customer outcomes
  • Employee engagement, competency and confidence
  • Employee, Manager and Account Manager dashboard
  • Certification and much more

Course Content

All courses have been carefully crafted to close sector specific training gaps. This enables NGOs to achieve their operational goals. Our course list also offers all “business as usual” courses.


Ultimately enabling NGOs to focus on their core business and achieve their mission.

At the NGO Training Centre, we pride ourselves in knowing each NGO sector intimately; their strengths, gaps, the sector challenges and upcoming sector opportunities.


  • Currently available: Comprehensive suite of training materials and packages for the Australian Disability Sector (NDIS).
  • Coming: Comprehensive suite of training materials and packages for NGO sectors: Aged Care, Family, Youth and Children.

Meet The Executive Team

We have a highly qualified and diverse team

Plus the Governance Team: Registered Psychologists, Nurses, Dieticians & Other Subject Matter Experts

Why we do what we do

The team of non-profit and business experts who make up the NGO Training Centre have a genuine interest and passion to see non-profits gain access to professional training that is not cost or time prohibitive.


As individuals, we all immerse ourselves in non-profit causes and when our careers crossed paths, we soon realised there was an opportunity to do something more.


An incubator session on the Gold Coast resulted in the foundation of this innovative start-up.  Our passion to see the sector thrive is unparalleled.

What We Value And Stand For

Show you Care

We are committed to listening, understanding and aligning our business offer to your business needs. We genuinely care.


We have courage to be influencers and believe that we can shape a better future with you.


We are always striving to be better. We strive to deliver the best training solutions with the best technology.


We are honest, trusting and trustworthy. We are transparent and don’t speak jargon. We see individuals, not $$. We build long lasting relationships.


We are dependable, credible, responsive and consistent.


Learning is important but doesn’t need to be boring. People remember and learn better through experiences and emotions, so we keep things interesting and captivating. We are distinguishable and don’t feel, sound or look like our competition.