Revenue, Quality and Productivity:

Three Reasons to Take Notice


The Association for Talent Development (ATD) found that organisations which offer a full suite of training programs to their employees enjoy 218% higher revenue per employee than organisations without formalised training. At the centre of this amazing result lies increased employee quality and productivity, which is a result of knowledge and skill advancements achieved. The ATD’s research indicates that employee training and development is one of the most important and effective things an organisation can do to increase productivity and meet new and higher customer demands. Training and development is critical for your organisation’s success and is something which becomes even more important in times of sector reform and economic downturn. 1

"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest" - Benjamin Franklin

Online / E-Learn Training Statistics:

Did you know?

Your employees use their mobile for everything else,
why not train on it?

Online Training for NGO Organisations

Most organisations are faced with the real challenge of meeting new customer and industry needs whilst operating within the same or a reduced operating budget. This can put pressure on an organisation’s employees and their core purpose. NGO organisations are often feeling this pressure more than private companies, as they are also often experiencing funding changes / major reform, and have little or no overhead.


It is therefore evident that NGO organisations need to reframe their challenges to find new and innovative solutions.


One way in which NGO organisations can achieve increased revenue, employee productivity, quality and employee engagement is through the implementation of a comprehensive online training solution. It is an easy way to provide all your employees with the same training and standards all over the state, country or world. An online training solution will also increase your employees understanding of your organisation’s mission and values.


Online training will also reduce travel costs and the down time associated to tradition training. It is a great opportunity to bring forward new knowledge and skills, as employees can learn anywhere, anytime and can micro learn. “Micro learning” provides small, easily absorbed, bit sized lessons, from 5 – 25 minutes to employees. Therefore, employees can make the most of the free time they have. Aligned to the topic of micro learning, mobile or tablet learning will increase use, by offering flexibility and accessibility.


An online training solution can be used in isolation or with Learning and Development professionals to do spot checks and / or follow up sessions to help embed the learnings.


An NGO Training Centre partner is happy to meet with you to discuss your unique situation, the different ways an online training solution can be brought to life in your organisation, and your training needs.

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