Why Choose Us?

If organisations are looking for a trusted business to help them train all their employees, from their frontline to their CEO, easily, quickly and well, then they need to look no further then the NGO Training Centre.

The NGO Training Centre specialises in affordable training for NGOs and is currently showcasing Disability training packages. The NGO Training Centre will be able to train all employees for an extremely affordable price.

  • What we quote is, what you pay.

    There are no additional, bolt-on or hidden charges.

  • Register today, start training tomorrow.

    Don’t waste your money and time on re-branding.

  • No IT hassles / LMS build and installation worries

  • Outcome focused learning; get results.

    If you follow our recommend training implementation schedule.

  • Courses to suit all levels of employees.

    Train your Frontline staff, Middle Managers, your Executives and CEO.

  • Training materials regularly updated.

    All course materials are aligned to new regulations, innovations and best practice.

  • Free organisation development plan.

    Ensuring you successfully embed your selected package; simple step-by step process, we want you to succeed.

  • Account Manager.

    Need more help? How does a free customer account manager sound?

  • We look after the little guys!

    We have packages for organisations with 25 employees to over 1,000 employees and everything in-between.

  • We’re flexible.

    We provide 1 or 2 year contract options, we trust you will be satisfied and will remain our customer.

  • We care more.

    We will give you real onboarding support and will set you and your organisation up for success. For example, we will give you access to video tutorials, set-by-step guides, Account Manager templates and much more. Training your employees has never been easier.

  • Best in class training.

    Training is written by subject matter experts and then double checked by a governance team of nurses, psychologists and other qualified professionals.

In Closing

And… yes… we even do competency assessments.


All this, combined with our commitment to excellent customer service and respect, makes the NGO Training Centre the best organisation to meet your needs.


Whether you’re a small NGO of 25 people, or have 500 people or even 1,500 people, we ensure a frustration-free, inspiring, outcome rich experience for all customers, no matter your size.